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Cable Marking
Accurate drop identification is now more important than ever. Not only do we need to identify subscribers and services for our field technicians, we must also convey important facts about our systems to others. Just as our personnel need information about our drops, so do our subscribers and so do the technicians with other services occupying nearby spaces.
Universal Cablemarkers are designed to convey the needed information to all parties, now and in the future. Specifically, Universal Cablemarkers are designed to reduce errors in the field. They also offer the utmost in durability, because the information that they will be conveying will become increasingly important with the passage of time ..

These markers:
> feature a unique, one-piece, tie-wrap design
> are tamper-evident and not reusable
> will not slide or spin on cable
> fit both single and dual cable
> are in strips of ten for field convenience
> are easy to stock and disburse

Manufactured of a unique nylon copolymer, Universal Cablemarkers contain:
> UV-stabilizers and are resistant to weather and corrosion
> raised numerals molded into the flag to last forever
> serial numbers and/or customizations by a heat-imprint that is permanently recessed into the marker

Installation Tools
Asheridge distributes a wide range of CATV tools from well known manufacturers including Cablepro, Ripley-Cablematic, and Thomas and Betts. We can equip you with tools to complete your installation whether it is mini RG 59 Cables, Standard RG6 RG11 cables, or hardline QR sizes. Large size coring and stripping tools are one of our specialties.

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