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  maxnet2   QRF headend amplifiers and filters

QRF and PCI have set the industry standard in performance, functionality, and reliability in their design and manufacture of RF and L-Band amplifiers. The various models meet stringent reliability and specification requirements for the headend. A vast array of amplifiers is available for any application.

Choose your preference from PCI’s modular formats intended to be engaged in a MAXNET chassis or QRF’s range of rack mount designs

RF filters
PCI has over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industry leading RF Filters. High RF performance, quality, price, the ability to custom, and speed of delivery are characteristics attributable to the entire PCI Filter line.

PCI’s Filter product offering includes narrow band bandpass, highly selective bandpass, general bandpass, wide bandpass, noise filter for fiber optic systems, band rejection, channel deletion, indoor channel deletion - digital (QAM), split band for fiber optic links, high performance diplex, lowpass, highpass, brick wall low/highpass, and pilot carrier traps. These filters are available in either wall or rack mount versions for headend, hub site, and utility enclosures, as well as in environmentally sound, power passing outdoor housings that can be strand, pedestal, or wall mounted.

click below for PDF spec sheets: (right click link to save file)
> QRF_QISO.pdf
> QRF_QISOR7532.pdf
> QRF_QPair_Instruc.pdf
> QRF_QRAM.pdf
> QRF_QRFA_48.pdf
> QRF_QRFA110_24.pdf
> QRF_QRFB.pdf
> QRF_QRFP.pdf