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PCI’s original MAXNET product line offers exceptional RF Signal Management, based on the F connector. The line consists of a vast array of RF splitters, combiners, DCs, filters, pad/EQ module, as well as amplifiers, RF detector and switch products, and power supplies. (Note: Patented)

Key features include:
> High density
> High quality performance (5 MHz – 1 GHz)
> Front access to pads and EQs
> Test point monitoring
> Multiple chassis configurations
> Variety of cable management solutions
> Connector options: F and BNC
> Multitude of amplifier offerings
> RF/power redundancy
> 100% quality control

click below for PDF spec sheets: (right click link to save file)
> max_ampswitchinstall.pdf
> max_chassiscableopt.pdf
> max_padEQ_specs.pdf
> Max_Pass2_4_8_16Specs.pdf
> Max_PassActOverview.pdf
> Max_PassBcastNcastCombSpecs.pdf
> Max_PassConfig.pdf
> Max_PassDCSpecs.pdf
> Max_PassPadEQSpecs.pdf
> Max_PwrdChasSpecs.pdf
> Max_PwrSupplySpecs.pdf
> Max_RFAmpSpecs.pdf
> Max_RFConnectOptions.pdf
> Max_RFSwitchOperGuide.pdf
> Max_RFSwitchSpecs.pdf
> rffilters.htm