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  maxnet2   line passives

Asheridge supplies our own brand of high quality outdoor taps and line passives for network construction and maintenance. We have the option to supply faceplates only for upgrade projects

The range has the following features:
> High isolation & tap return loss
> Flatness: ± 0.35dB
> 12 amps power passing
> Uninterruptible power passing mechanism
> All F ports SCTE IPS-SP-400 compliant
> 1KV blocking caps on each F port for DC/HUM protection
> Patented 360° seizure mechanism
> Intermodulation on all F ports < -105dB
> RFI < - 100dB

In Stock Range includes:
2 way Taps Line Power Inserters
4 Way Taps Directional Couplers
8 Way Taps Splitters ( 2way, 3 way, 3 way balanced)

click below for PDF spec sheets: (right click link to save file)
> outdoor_2_way.pdf
> outdoor_4_way.pdf
> outdoor_8_way.pdf
> outdoor_LPI.pdf
> outdoor_OSP.pdf