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  maxnet2   indoor passives -
splitters, taps, and isolators

The Asheridge range of indoor passives including splitters, taps, and isolators is a high quality range of equipment for installation at the customer premises. In stock and readily available from several European warehouses, our dependable service and quick delivery means we can be a dependable partner for your cable business. Already in use at a large and growing number of top notch European MSO’s, the Asheridge passive range is quickly developing an excellent reputation in this competitive market.

With solid metal body, soldered backplate, and consistent RF performance this range is sure to meet the needs of the network engineers and are fully prepared help you roll out advanced 2 way services. All products are fully ROHS and CE compliant.

click below for PDF spec sheets: (right click link to save file)
> asheridge_splitters_new.pdf

> asheridge_vertical_taps.pdf
> class_a_galv_isol_in_line.pdf
> DTS-209_data_tv_splitter.pdf
> indoor_taps.pdf
> TVC-GIS-01.pdf
> TVC-GIS204D.pdf