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  maxnet2   cisco UBR10K cables

Why use Asheridge for your UBR10K Installation?
> Whitesands Engineering located in Phoenix Arizona, is the Cisco design and manufacturing partner for this product. They are listed in the Cisco manual as the source for these cables.
> Asheridge is Whitesands Engineering sole European Partner, offering production, repair and testing facilities for European Cisco customers.
> Cisco ONLY offers two kit lengths, the 1 and 3 Meter, which in many cases is too short or inappropriate for a variety of reasons.

Does your UBR look like this?


Using Custom cables from Asheridge it could!
This photo (above) represents one set of custom cables from the Cisco Line Card to the RF Switch.
> The cable installation is neat and tidy with a minimum of excess cables and space occupied.
> We also offer specific lengths of the cables to reach your combining network or patch panels in the same rack or nearby racks.

10K UBR with RF switch
above: 10K UBR with RF switch

> With over 5 years of experience in design and implementation, we have the knowledge that can save time and money for you.
> Our cables assemblies and kits come triple tested to maximize installation efficiency and system integrity and !

Why Use Asheridge? Lead Time
Approved and calibrated by Whitesands Engineering, our UK based terminating and testing equipment means we can turn around custom length, fully tested, Cisco approved UBR cables in days, not weeks.

Who recommends us? Cisco
We are involved with major Cisco projects across Europe; they turn to us as the UBR cabling experts.
The picture below shows us trimming in a custom Cable assembly at a top European operator.

ubr installation

Why Use Asheridge? Prices!
> In addition to offering Custom cables that cannot be obtained elsewhere…
> We offer a substantial saving from the Cisco selling price.
> Asheridge Cable assemblies are produced to the exacting standards of Cisco and Whitesands Engineering Cisco.
> Please contact us with your requirements.

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